How to Make a Profit From Gambling Poker

How to Make a Profit From Gambling Poker

Gambling Pokerace99 has been recognized as a lucrative trade only in recent days. Though noamara or government regulation of the industry has been effective, the same can still be said of the fledgling poker sites that popped up after the passage or the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act). Ever since then, investors have grown wary of the gambling industry as well as the reputation of poker sites, leading many of them to question the security of the industry as well as the fairness of the game.

With all of these negative factors stemming from the gaming industry, does that mean that the industry will ever get the regulated environment it needs from the government? Only time will tell if the government will be able to adequately regulate the industry, but if you have the math skills and you’re looking for a way to make a terrific income from a relatively easy source, you might want to check out the possibilities.

There are two Gambling Systems that have been established that can prove to be quite effective in bringing in sizable income. Though anyone wanting to try their hands at this kind of thing would want to experience first hand the results, both of the systems are available for download online.

The first of the two systems is called the Corey Rate way, which was developed by the noted skeptic and MIT professor, Edward O. Thorp. The Corey Rating is a way of expressing the possible outcome of a game and it is designed to be an extremely effective betting system. It involves the ranking of team performance against opponents based on the outcome of the previous game, where the home team is expected to win. A loss or a win would then be assigned a rating depending on the discrepancy. The home team would be assigned the rating of 0, and the opposing team would be assigned the rating of 1, depending on the disparity. Teams can also lose or win games while in streaks, where the home team is expected to win more games than the opposing team.

Because games are scored based on a random manner, the expected values of the ratings would be adjusted appropriately if the home team wins and the versus rating is +1, +2, +3, etc. Also, the Gambling Systems can be applied in any sport, so long as the same factors that determine the ratings and the home team wins.

The second of the betting systems developed is the Kelly Criterion and it allows the bettor to handicap by identifying edges that provide a sure win. This is a much more conservative formula and will only make bets on specific edges.

The betting systems would allow you to win big if you bet big on a sure winner. The problem is that most bettors will have no idea on how to develop an edge and therefore will lose big because of the betting spread. The edge, or the bettor’s advantage, is a situation that would normally win over 53% of the time in the long term. Because of the Kelly Criterion however, the bettor can produce guaranteed profits by betting on only those edge situations that meet their stringent criteria.

Therefore, both of these systems alone can be an extremely effective way to produce betting profits if the bettor knows what they are doing. The more important question is whether or not you know how to do this yourself.