How to Win a Pocket Pair

How to Win a Pocket Pair

During any preflop situation a pocket pair is way ahead of any additional 2 over cards. You should recognize that your pocket eights are an all day hand, capable of completing any task set out in the beginning of the hand.

The thing is, as soon as you receive too many over cards you have to shut down the poker hand immediately. Too many over cards are simply too risky to play with any slice of the pots.

Shut down the hand when you are receiving over cards.

Hand Selection – Non-Pocket

For those players that receive too many pocket cards but don’t really like them, here is a thought, fold! All pockets are capable of winning the game and with a good amount of luck you can hit the set. That is to say, you will hit your set occasionally and definitely hit it hard. But in the long run you are not going to maintain a high level of winnings and rotation is not going to be favorable.

So, what should you be holding? Well, remember, your pocket eights will win 22% of the time and your pocket kings will win merely 66% of the time. That means that they are essentially the same hand. It doesn’t matter what type of kicker is on the eights or kings since both hands are dead ends. As far as your kicker is concerned, go with the gut instincts and the feeling you have about the hand.

If the flop comes and its three cards of the same suit, you should bet aggressively. If low cards are on the board, you should bet confidently. As far as the size of the pot, forget about it. Its irrelevant. Play the hand very aggressively if you have the position, or you might end up losing all that you have in a very heated situation.

stoning” definitely pays attention to your own cards, but pays extra attention to yours and others cards at the same time.”

This is a stupid argument by a player that is trying to drum up business for his book. What good does it do if he says its a stupid argument, then he will never make any money because of his stupid ideas.

Also, anyone that buys into this line of thinking that he can bully and bluff his way to riches and glory is surrounded by field of battle and they are not going to last a round or two in any case, so why waste your time and money on such horseshit? If I understood this, I would walk away from the table and head to a life I found more comfortable.

All poker strategists know that you can not bully your way to victory. You can not bully the system. You are just floating on dry land and the wind that blows against you is the bad part of the equation. That is part of the system. Throwing a big bet at every table in hopes of winning a big pot is part of the horse casino sessions. Playing against a selection of horses is not part of the system. Playing the game and winning is part of the system.

A lot of people believe, if the system is not rigged, then everyone that plays is cheating. Culture is pride and money is power and people overvalue their money. Some do not have the money to build a nest egg. Some do not have the time to play poker. Most importantly, most do not have a competitive drive to drive a strategy to success. This is the most important ingredient of the system and the one that separates winners from losers.

If, in fact, you could build a better lottery system, would you not share it, or patent it? You would be very wary of who did and how. You would choose not to profit from another’s ideas or work. You are the one with an inkling on how to win. Would you want to write about it? That would be like dropping a huge chunk of money into a hat on a blind miracle.

As a winner, you are redefining success and you are on a mission to become a better winner. This mission is personal, and it is a winner making. There is no such thing as a sure thing. Unless it is you.