Learn to Play Poker – Position

Learn to Play Poker - Position

After you have gotten your hand and before you do anything you have to think about your position in the game. As a matter of fact, your position in the game may be very important especially if you are playing No-Limit Texas Hold’em. This game is much more difficult in online casinos than in the casinos because the players can move around a lot and there are many more hands per hour played. In a live game, you will hear about pot odds and implied odds a lot more than what you will do in an online game.

You will be in a better position to act after the flop if you are seated in the low to middle position. If you are in the high position, you won’t have the right to raise as much and you won’t be able to limp in as a semi-bluff. If you want to steal the blinds you will have to raise before the flop.

The later your position, the better. If you are in the small blind, the big blind may be in front of you and you will be able to steal the blinds if it is folded to you. However, the fist thing that you should do is not to try and play your hand too tight. You want to take calculated risks, and this is harder in low limit online games. There will be a lot less hands per hour and the risks increase with the number of players. If you are playing in a higher limit online game, you will be able to take more chances and your play will be accordingly bet sized.

The blinds will also affect your play, especially pre-flop. If you are in the blinds and there is a raise and a call before you, you should play accordingly. Don’t call with a hand like 74 to a low blind unless you have a good read on the raiser. If you know it’s a lot of calls to your turn to limp, it’s probably best to just fold.

Position is everything and you should be utilizing it the best you can. Play aggressively when you have the best of it and play conservatively when you don’t. You need to be aggressive when you have strong hands to do this and you can get into a habit of doing this fairly successfully. Don’t call small raises with pocket pairs unless you have mastered the art of playing a hand.

Play at your own speed. Don’t let the blinds steal your momentum and if they start annoying you, get out of there. Set a limit on your bankroll for each session that you want to make and don’t press your bets if you’re not in the position to make a move. By getting into a habit of always having a solid hand or calling with a good hand, you will end up winning a lot more than you will lose if you practice this at the Craps table.

Read up on the game play for each hand and the positions relative to the table and that will help you be a better player. If the shooter is loose, the good hands are the ones with double after the flop and similar lines to the shooter. If the shooter is tight, the best hands are the ones where you can see the flop without a lot of money invested and once you have hit something, start building a hand with relative ease. This is helpful when you’re betting and need to build a good stack quickly in order to get back in the Vegas88.

Once you have a hand under consideration, be sure to follow up on it. This is a good strategy for practice since you can play at many tables at once. Last Handiction is one of the better known systems for doing this but there are many others. Personally, I prefer the ones where you play a hand for sometime on end. Once you have completed the dedication and have opted to take a break from the table, come back later and play another hand. It’s a game and you should be patient. Don’t frustrate yourself with a long wait and check when you need to.

You should also be mindful of your playing style. If you are risking large amounts of money, you are not going to win unless you have the best hand. Playing low limits doesn’t mean you can’t lose. Be aware of your playing style, especially if you are playing often. It’s better to walk away if the cards aren’t going your way. If you are playing at a short table, don’t stick around if you don’t get any decent hands.

Another thing to remember is to always be aware of your position. If you are forced to play a hand aggressively, you may want to take a big hit. If the situation were reversed, you may want to slow down and check at every opportunity.