Poker Rooms

Poker Rooms

Poker has become so popular in the last years that you can’t even imagine. There are so many funny articles, videos, and pictures related to poker and online gambling that you have to see if you are a poker fan.

The popularity of poker began with the televised shows, shown for the first time in the US. Everyone remembers the old stars and mainly Doyle Brunson. The popularity of poker began with the poker tournaments broadcast on the TV. Everyone remembers the stars and the legends like Phil Ivey and the famous players.

In recent years almost all the poker rooms online offer various bonuses, a lot of bonuses. Usually there is a period of validity of the bonus, 30 days maybe more, so you have a chance if you loose it. But if you talk to a lot of poker rooms you will find that the valid bonus periods are pretty long and you might loose it already.

A lot of funny stuff has happened in the online poker rooms also. The players have to put an amount of money in order to get the free money, so they can get a lot of money for free.

There is a lot of stuff you can do also in the free poker rooms related to gambling and poker. You can make big bets, you can play in slot machines, you can enter tournaments, you can play blackjack. The tournaments are real fun to play, especially the ones with double or nothing bonuses. One thing about the free poker rooms is that the players have to pay a non- fee to get the tournament’s entry. Some other poker rooms have a fee in the tournament but this one is called a “buy-in”.

Don’t think that entering the tournaments can’t be fun, it is gambling also. And don’t think that the poker rooms don’t give good bonus: They all offer some bonus. They are almost all generous. The poker rooms are rich people’s hobby. They don’t earn money from it, but they give money for nothing. Don’t be amazed that some poker rooms entertain you with $1 000 000. It’s business. They have a good time.

Some of the afapoker rooms have strange problems with their software. They have it so that you can’t win the tournaments, or so that it is almost impossible to win the tournaments. In short, they make it too easy for the players to lose and they have no defense against such people.

If you are a beginner and you live in the US, you have to choose “offshore” poker rooms, from where you can participate in poker freerolls (no buy-in needed). Freerolls are a good way to try out poker. You need a computer with Internet connection, a FLASH client. That’s all. The poker room is statistical, it is used by professionals as well as newbies. The pros can watch the history of all the hands one can play, they can analyze the games’ statistics, they can check the results of tournaments, they have access to the log of the game, they can search the web for the tournaments that their clients participated in. Besides all that, FLASH clients allow to remove your favorite hand from the game! In effect you have a new hand with all the other hands’ history. This way you can play every poker hand you like. You don’t have to learn any risky poker moves from the book, but you can certainly improve them.